Driving Alone through Regions Inhabited by Ethnic Tibetans after the Riot

This brave soul drove thousands of miles through remote mountainous regions of Sichuan Province, China starting on April 3rd, 2008, after the riot in other words.  He endured a lot of physical hardship, saw a lot of snow covered sceneries, and he met and talked with a lot of people, mostly ethnic Tibetans.


Following his journey we can tell that all people including every Tibetans he met are heartwarmingly friendly and want peace and quite in their lives.  They had suffered as the result of the riot because of decrease in traffic and tourism, and they want their lives back.


Cannot read Chinese?  You have nobody else but yourself to blame, but don’t worry.  Just look at those pictures of many shy but proud smiling faces and you tell me who really represent the Tibetan people, and whether they want anything to do with Dalai Lama and his supporters’ political pursuit!


Click here to see this photo journal.



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2 responses to “Driving Alone through Regions Inhabited by Ethnic Tibetans after the Riot

  1. rdnkintx


    I think it’s better to replace “ethnic Tibetans” with “ethnic Tibetan Chinese” or “Tibetan Chinese”. Because we want to stress the point that Tibet is part of China and Tibetans belong to the big Chinese family.

  2. realbrandon

    Hi rdnkintx,

    I got your point and it’s a good one. I made some modifications.


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