Useful Links regarding Tibet

Video: Tibet was, is and will always be part of China

US Government Documentary on China in 1944 shows clearly Tibet is part of China

Why Tibet belongs to China


Video: The Truth about Tibet

7 lies about Tibet

Who is Dalai Lama and what’s unknown about him

Tibet: The Truth

Tibetans claim their killing in Lhasa is non-violence

Human Right Problems in Tibet and China: Part 1, part 2


Video: Violence Riot of March 2008

2008 Tibet Riot, the Truth and Lies: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4

Australian tourist Michael Smith filmed riot


Video: The True Nature of Tibetan in Exile Protests

No Exception, even a Girl on Wheel Chair



Tibet Buddhism and Society

The Shadow of Dalai Lama: Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism, Victor & Victoria Trimondi

The Dalai Lama (Avalokiteshvara) and the Demoness (Srinmo),V. and V. Trimondi

Regicide as Lamaism¡¯s Myth of Origin and the Ritual Sacrifice of Tibet, V. and V. Trimondi

Social Reality in Ancient Tibet, V. and V. Trimondi


A Brief introduction of Tibet History and Lamaism, Wang Zai-Tian

Myth and Reality – Foster Stockwell

Tibet: Myth, Reality, The other side, a collection of articles on Tibet

Dharma Assassin Kusum Lingpa, Charles Carreon

The Dalai Lamas: Prisoners of the Potala Junta, Charles Carreon

Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth by M. Parenti

Very informative discussion on PBS forum by M.A.Jones


The CIA and Tibet

Dalai Lama’s Links to CIA Still Stir Debate, George Fetherling

The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet, Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison

Exiled Tibetans claim CIA betrayal – Grain

The Dalai C.I.A. Lama

Tibet’s Underground Army

Photos: Tibet’s Underground Army

The CIA in Shangri La

Tibetan guerrillas and the CIA


Modern Tibet

The Snow Lion and the Dragon – China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama – Melvyn C. Goldstein

The Struggle for Modern Tibet – William Siebenschuh

Through the Eye of Some Western Scholars – Grain

Through the Eye of the Tibetans – Grain

Tibet through Chinese Eyes, Peter Hessler

Through the Eye of a Forgotten Minority, Grain

China’s Tibet – Educational take-off in Tibet – N. Ram

Tibetans and the Cultural Revolution – Grain

Tibetans Are Not These Victims – Grain

Tibet – a Reality Check – N. Ram

Thoughts on Tibet

The Methods of Propaganda – Grain

The Press in Tibet – looking beyond the Stereotypes

The Dalai Lama’s Politics of Race, Bevin Chu

Chinese people express their voice in this open debate


Tibet and World Politics

Tibet and the United States, A. Tom Grunfeld

Reassessing Tibet Policy – A. Tom Grunfeld

My View on a Tibetan Propaganda Site: “Power of Compassion” – Grain

How the Tibet movement can backfire on America – by Alice Ewing

Lamaism – quaint feudal oppression mass-marketed to the West

China good? China bad? – Nothing is simple in Tibet.



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3 responses to “Useful Links regarding Tibet

  1. Dave

    Shadow Circus: The CIA In Tibet, 1998, White Crane Films Production

    From the film maker: The Tibetan people are well known for being devoutly religious and peace loving. What is less known is that thousands of Tibetans took up arms against the invading forces of Communist China and waged a bitter and bloody guerrilla war. From the mid-1950s until 1969 they were aided in their efforts by an unlikely ally, the CIA. This project, code-named ST CIRCUS, was one of the CIA’s longest running covert operations. The withdrawal of the CIA’s support in 1969 was as abrupt as its initial involvement was unexpected: the Tibetans had simply fitted into America’s larger policy of destabilising or overthrowing Communist regimes, and when that no longer applied, they were abandoned. With unique archive footage and exclusive interviews with former resistance fighters and surviving CIA operatives, The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet reveals for the first time this hitherto unknown chapter in Tibet’s recent history – a tale that is both heroic and tragic, full of sad ironies and unexpected twists that overturn all preconceptions about both Tibet and the CIA.

  2. Dave

    Dalai Lama was on CIA payroll.

    In 1964, CIA paid salary of $180,000 to Dalai Lama. This is 1964 dollar.

    Official document from the state department:

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