Free Tibet: have fun protesting

If you are a college student and you are suffering from extra energy and libido, plus not enough weekend parties, now here’s a good way to find yourself some fun: protest China. As they say, China is such a bad bad country producing all kinds of lead tainted human rights, so why not join the Tibetans while they are at it? It’s a 20,000 people huge party and police is okay with it, and, to top it all, Tibetans pay you cash for joining them!

What, you always read the 4W’s carefully before setting out? Here is it:
When: April 9th, 2008
Where: San Francisco
What: yell some “Free Tibet”

But before you go, here are some protest tips you have to read.

1. Make sure you brush your teeth. Because you don’t wanna be like this guy:

At San Francisco Today (April 9th, 2008), a Dalai Lama supporter yelling at a girl

Sir, your breath stinks

2. Make sure you get the money beforehand. Otherwise you may end up like this:

Not Paid

So you don't pay me?!

3. Make sure where they want you to free. According to the information from the Chinese side, there has been collateral damage in London:

“A funny Free Tibet mercenary
April 6th during the torch parade we had a confrontation with the Free Tibet group. Suddenly a poorly dressed western young guy started banging a pot he had with him and yelled fervently: “Free Japan! Free Japan!” Everybody including us were surprised and confused, what the hell is Japan doing here?

A guy from Free Tibet group quickly whispered to him. And he started again: “Free Tibet! ” ……Guess the pronunciation was close he got confused in the beginning … orz

There was a patriotic Chinese supermarket owner giving out free soda along the road. It seemed this guy didn’t know which side he was supposed to be in, and he came here for soda. We asked him how he got so confused and whether he was hired? This guy might be stupid but was honest though, he admitted he was hired.

You don’t wanna be that guy!

4. Don’t get confused with the legalizing gambling crowd. This guy apparently showed up for the wrong reason.

Free To Bet



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6 responses to “Free Tibet: have fun protesting

  1. realbrandon

    That does stink! I hope he is not from Europe!

    Show some manners, a**hole

  2. Superwisdom

    Dalai Lamai is a leader of theocracy exiled government. He stayed in his position longer than any dictators in the world. Where is the freedom and democracy he talked about? Even other lamas in high position objected him.

  3. powertalks

    You might like a link to this: in your blog roll.

  4. chiralanomaly

    Great article. I will put a link to this webblog on mine:

  5. Yes, there are “protestors” who are just there to party, but why are there legitimate protests all over the globe? All of the protests and organizations are simply too numerous to all be the work of college students “suffering from extra energy and libido” or “violent Tibetan separatists”. If you saw my previous comment, I rest my case.

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